About Wild Alaska Sourdough

Hi! I'm Alexa.

If you're like me, you've probably found yourself spending a lot more time at home in 2020. One of my favorite ways to keep busy is baking, especially with sourdough. There are many sourdough starters out there, and I'm sharing my absolute favorite - an Alaska original.

Sourdough is special because it has a personality. It’s not like instant yeast, which gives predictable results on a regular schedule. You have to give sourdough plenty of time and space, attend to its needs, listen to its requests and predict its actions. You get to know it like another cook in the kitchen. And if you put in the time to get to know your sourdough starter, it will reward you for years to come.

Meet Wild Alaska Premium Sourdough Starter

Our starter is a unique sourdough culture made from 10,000 year old glacial water and our artisan stone ground barley sourdough starter flour. This is as close as you can get to the original sourdough starter when baking first began.

Why Glacial Fed Barley Flour?

Barley was one of if not the first grain to be domesticated over 11,000 years ago. It would have been one of the first grains used to create sourdough starter at the advent of baking. Different types of grains provide a different environment for sourdough yeast. Barley flour is one of the richest environments for sourdough starter and our barley flour is of the highest quality.

About Our Artisan Barley Flour

Alaska Otzi Barley Farm Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and encircled by glacier fed waters, the family farm that produces our pure artisan barley starter flour is in a secluded, high latitude location in the middle of Alaska. Pure air, clean water, and long summer days pack the grain with nutrition and antioxidants. 

Many of the diseases, fungi, and pests that plague lower latitude farms do not exist in our pristine, subarctic farm location. This means that there is no need for preventative pesticide spraying of our barley crops which is common for most organic farms in lower latitudes.

About Our Glacial Water

Our glacial water is 10,000 years in the making. Return to a time when the world was pure. Nestled high in the jagged peaks of Alaska’s Chugach mountains, the Eklutna Glacier flows into Eklutna Lake. Distinct from surface and ground water sources that have been contaminated by human and natural causes, Eklutna Glacier melts slowly from the oldest ice underneath the glacier to form Eklutna Lake.

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