Premium Sourdough Starter Only

Premium Sourdough Starter Only

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Wild Alaska sourdough starter cultured from Alaska glacier water and artisan stone-ground barley flour.

All Natural, Vegan

INGREDIENTS: 100% stone ground barley flour, water.

Sourdough Starter Q&A

How is the sourdough starter prepared?

Our starter is dehydrated so that it can be shipped safely. When you receive it, just add flour and water according to the directions here!

What kind of flour should I use?

This starter was started and nurtured on Alaska stone-ground barley flour, so we recommend feeding the starter with it. If barley's not your thing, no worries! This starter will happily be fed white flour too.

Is the sourdough starter gluten-free? 

The barley flour we use does contain gluten, so this product is not gluten-free.